Q) Can I hedge silver?
A) Yes, you can hedge your silver equivalent any time after receipt of material at Tetra up to the date of payment by notifying us prior to 11am eastern of the day you wish to hedge.

Q) Can I get silver back instead of payment?
A) Yes, we will gladly send the silver to our silver refiner and you can set up an account with them to get back silver in any form they provide from shot to silver stamped bars.

Q) What are Tetra’s standard processing charges and terms for recycling silver bearing films?
A) Tetra pays 98% silver accountability on silver bearing films and settles 30 days from receipt at our facility. Tetra will issue up to a $0.04/net lb credit for transportation charges.  The customer can arrange, or have Tetra arrrange and deduct any differences from the final settlement.  Our standard processing charges and credits are as follows:

                             Medical - $0.40 / net lb (assays below 0.0825 are treated as Dryview)
                             Dryview & Lithographic - $0.42 / net lb
                             Industrial - $0.44/ net lb
                             Smelting Fee - $1.00 / toz recovered
                             Shucking Fee - $0.08 / net lb of film out of jackets
(not on the paper wt)
                             PET Credit - 90% of the net wt of PET film x Tetra's Mkt price of PET

Q) Does Tetra handle low grade burnable materials?
A) Yes, Tetra does handle low grade burnables such as wet films, shredded films with paper, cine & 35mm films on reels, etc.  Our standard processing charges are as follows: (Customers pays the transporation unless sent with film & then film rates credit for transportation applies as above)  
                             Material Charge - $0.40 / net lb received
                             Smelting Charge - $2.00/ net lb of ash recovered from the burning
                             Accountability - 97% of recovered ounces
                             Payment Terms - 45 days from receipt of material

Q) How much silver is in films?
A) It depends on the type of films you have and the exposure amount of the film. Here are some average ranges based on assays to give you a guideline:

Medical X-Ray Films Thermal Films
1979 to 1982 0.14 to 0.16 toz/lb Kodak ~ 0.090 toz/lb
1982 to 1990 0.11 to 0.14 toz/lb Konica ~ 0.080 toz/lb
1990 and up 0.08 to 0.11 toz/lb Fuji ~ 0.065 toz/lb
Dark Room Scrap 0.06 to 0.08 toz/lb Agfa ~ 0.040 toz/lb
Scans, dental, MRI, etc. 0.05 to 0.08 toz/lb Industrial Films
Cinegraphic film 0.02 to 0.05 toz/lb Single Sided 0.23 to 0.35 toz/lb
Virgin Medical (unused) 0.14 to 0.20 toz/lb Double Sided 0.30 to 0.42 toz/lb
Lithographic Films    
Newspaper 0.15 to 0.22 toz/lb Virgin Litho (unused) 0.26 to 0.30 toz/lb


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