The Process

1)  Receipt of Secured Film – All film is unloaded at one of our three (3) secured docks and weighed in on certified calibrated scales.  A detailed check-in sheet is provided to the client listing all pallets, types of films and gross weights.  This is listed next to the customer’s bill of lading and sent for confirmation before processing.

2)  Grinding of Material – All material is then taken to one of our two grinders for chopping. It is then chopped to 1” chips and rendered non-legible to meet HIPAA compliance.  Certificates of destruction are provided to clients at no charge if needed.

3) Assay of Material – All boxes of material are thief sampled and combined by lot into a homogenous sample which is then run through a riffler in the lab to get three representative samples – one for assay, one for customer if needed and one for retain should outside umpire be needed.

4) Wash and Rinse – The material is then taken and put in to one of the two reactor washers and washed at high temperature to remove the coatings from the material.  After washing, it is then rinsed with hot water under high pressure to further clean the material.

5) PET Recycling - The rinsed film chips are then dried with high velocity spin dryers and sent to be recycled into new material.

6) Slurry Treatment – The silver slurry is then sent to the wastewater treatment system for removal of silver and treatment of water for re-use throughout the system.

7) Silver Refinement – The removed silver slurry is then pressed of moisture and dried and then put in one of our six (6) roasting furnaces.  The roasted ash is then removed and put in one of our two (2) silver smelting furnaces and poured into dore bars.  


X-Ray Recycling

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