The Environment

At Tetra we are concerned about the environment, safety and security.  The majority of all silver bearing films is on a PET (recyclable plastic) base and is held on by coatings that can be removed in a wash process.  The silver on the films and the coatings are not toxic to humans but in concentrated amounts can kill small microorganisms that are vital in sewer treatment facilities.  Federal, state and local regulations require the removal of most solids from the discharge water prior to entering the sewer system.  Tetra takes all of this very serious, and with the new state of the art equipment meets or exceeds the regulatory guidelines for safe discharge emissions.  In addition, we have all the required permits for our facility and are continually monitored for compliance.  PET plastic is not easily biodegradable and to that effect every step should be taken to not landfill PET.  At Tetra, we recycle the PET chips and ship them out to companies who recycle into new products.

Tetra utilizes a state of the art wastewater treatment system which allows for minimal discharge and the recycling of most all process water.  Tetra only uses electric fork lifts in the warehouse to eliminate potential harmful gases.  Tetra also shreds and bales all papers, cardboard waste and boxes that is generated and sends them to a paper plant for recycling into new paper products.
Tetra is a 50,000 ft2 facility sitting on 3+ acres that is fenced, lighted and electronically monitored.  All inbound parties must enter through an electronic gate.  Our DVR surveillance system can record one years’ worth of activities.  In addition, we have an audible and monitored security system on the premises.


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